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Serving Tennessee, Kentucky & Mississippi

Justice Warrior Investigations is a full service private investigation agency serving Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi.

Mission Statement

We vow to treat our clients with the utmost level of respect and compassion. We operate with a level of unprecedented integrity and dedication to uncovering truth. We understand that the justice system is often influenced by money & power. Therefore, we approach every case without bias but, rather, with a sense of passion for accountability.

Just some of the services we offer...

Raising awareness for missing teen Sebastian Rogers from Hendersonville, TN

When you’ve been charged with a crime that you did not commit, nobody will fight harder for you than the Justice Warriors. We believe that it is better for ten guilty men to go free than for one innocent man be convicted. We vow to start at the beginning to prove your innocence and uncover other potential suspects.

At Justice Warrior Investigations, we understand the importance of documenting every move the subject makes. Whether it's infidelity or worker's comp, we go above and beyond to be sure you're armed with the evidence you need.

The Justice Warriors use "crowdsourcing" to generate leads and bring public awareness to unsolved murder and missing persons cases. We vow to follow up on every lead, to the fullest extent possible, to help you get the answers you are looking for.

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